March 22, 2017

Locarnon kohokohtia. Sen cioccolatan ohella.

<3 Il guardiano del farro - niminen vegaaninen lounaspaikka. Kun nyt kerran oltiin "Italiassa" oli minulla suunnitelmissa löytää joko täydelliset tryffeliraviolit tai unelmien pizza. Onneksi kävi toisin. Päädyin maistelemaan ihan mielettömän hyviä makuja kodikkaassa sinisessä ravintolassa. Älkää antako epämääräiseltä näyttävän kyhäelmäni hämätä.

<3 Nocciola gelato vohveleineen päivineen. Tämän jälkeen vaivuin siihen sangen meditatiiviseen onnellisuus-horrokseen.

<3 Viimeiset auringonsäteet Lago Maggioren rannalla. Siinä me hohdettiin kilpaa auringon kanssa, minä ja silkkipaitani.

// Highlights from my trip to Locarno. In addition to all that cioccolata chit chat.

<3 A vegan restaurant called Il guardiano del farro. I was in search for the perfect truffle raviolis or a heavenly pizza (after all, I was in "Italy"), but the destiny had something else in mind. Therefore, I found myself from this cosy restaurant surrounded by wonderful flavours and an extremely sympathetic couple.

<3 Nocciola gelato. After this creamy waffle treat I drifted into that before mentioned meditative state of mind.

<3 The last rays of sun by Lago Maggiore. There we were sparkling together with the sun, me and my silk shirt.

Day Trip to Locarno

March 21, 2017

Kun hyppää junaan ja matkaa pari tuntia etelään, löytää itsensä Välimeren tunnelmista. Ihan totta, tuon parin tunnin aikana vaihtuu maisemien lisäksi myös kulttuuri ja kieli. 

Hiljaiset zurichiläiset ja sveitsinsaksa vaihtuvat iloiseen puheensorinaan italiaksi. Harmaiden kivitalojen sijaan muistuttavat värikkäät villat matkoista Garda-järvelle. Kanssakulkijoiden kehumista ei sovi unohtaa, ja aina silloin tällöin saa ohikulkevilta kädenheilautuksia. 'Bella' ja 'beautiful' kuitataan vienolla hymyllä, mutta 'cioccolata'-huudahdukseen en oikein tunnu löytävän sopivaa reaktiota.

Ollaan Sveitsin eteläisimmässä kantonissa Ticinossa. Samaan aikaan kun Zurichissä sataa kaatamalla, saa Locarnossa paistatella auringossa yli 20 asteen lämmössä ja syödä nocciola gelatoa. Ihan huomaamatta tulee spontaanisti meditoitua siinä auringon lämmössä Lago Maggioren rannalla, ja kun seuraavan kerran huomaan katsoa kelloa on vierähtänyt melkein tunti.

Kameraan tuli ikuistettua sen verran paljon kivoja kuvia, että taidan säästellä niitä Zurichin sadepäivien varalle.

// When you jump into a train and travel two hours towards the south, it's another world out there. For real. Not only scenery, but also culture and language change during that little while.

Quiet Zurich-people and Swiss-German change into bubbly, happy Italian. Buildings made of grey stone turn into colourful Mediterranean villas that immediately remind me of travels around Lake Garda. People on the street greet and wave their hands. 'Bella' and 'beautiful' are answered with a smile, but I struggle to find a correct reaction to 'cioccolata'.

I'm in the most southern Swiss canton of Ticino. While it's pouring rain in Zurich, I get to bask in the sun eating nocciola gelato, when the temperature slowly rises above 20 celsius. Without even noticing I have spontaneously meditated an hour by Lago Maggiore.

Locarno was rather picturesque, so I'll be back with more pictures soon.

Weekend in Bern

March 16, 2017

Viime viikonloppu vierähti näissä maisemissa Sveitsin pääkaupungissa Bernissä. 

Kevään merkkejä oli ilmassa, sillä vihertävää nurmea ja iloisenvärisiä kukkia näkyi kaikkialla. Samaa ilmiötä todisti voimakas auringonpaiste. Niinkin voimakas, että sveitsiläinen kaverini Julia (jonka luona viikonloppua vietin) käräytti otsansa. Luonto oli lähellä, ja matkaa läheiselle Gurten-nyppylälle oli vain pari hassua kilometriä. Sieltä oli komeat näkymät ympäröivistä Alpeista.

Täytyy nyt kuitenkin tokaista, että olen kiitollinen siitä että olen Zurichissä enkä esimerkiksi juuri Bernissä. Yleisvaikutelma Bernissä oli jokseenkin sotkuisempi. Likainen ja vähän levoton. Sveitsin mittapuulla, tietenkin. Kaipa sillä oli osuutensa asiaan, että meinasin keskustassa pariinkin otteeseen tallata koirankakkaan, ja keskustan tavaratalon vessassa odottivat narkkareiden puuhia häiritsevät siniset valot.

Zuri on niin lintukoto.

// I spent last weekend in Swiss capital, Bern.

As the pictures reveal, spring is well on its way. Grass is starting to get green and there are pretty flowers everywhere. I don't mind this sunshine either - at times it was so strong that my Swiss friend Julia (with whom I stayed in Bern) got sunburnt. The city had a small town-feeling to it, and the nearby hill Gurten is only two kilometres away. From there you have a  stunning 360 Alpine scenic view.

Still, I must admit I'm glad to be in Zurich and not (for example) in Bern. The overall appearance in Bern was somewhat more messy. Dirtier and more restless. By Swiss standars, of course. I suppose it has something to do with it that while walking in downtown I almost stepped into dog poop (twice), and the toilets of the downtown department store had blue lights to make being a drug addict a little more difficult.

Zuri, you're treating me well.

Swinging (and avoiding fainting)

March 13, 2017

tango pumps Valentino, monkey candle Fornasetti, bath oil Susanne Kaufmann, necklace CVC Stones, skirt Miu Miu, earrings Jamie Wolf, soundtrack Parov Stelar

Tuostapa käy hyvin ilmi tämänhetkinen mielentila. Svengaavaa musiikkia, liehuvia helmoja ja kengät joilla pistää jalalla koreasti. Ja sitten vastapainoksi rentouttavia kylpyhetkiä ja tuoksuvia kynttilöitä. 

Kotoa ei tähän mennessä ole kylpyä löytynyt, eli hieman pitää vielä tuota jaloa puhdistautumisrituaalia harjoitella. Ei nimittäin mennyt ekalla kerralla nappiin. Ihan liian kuumassa vedessä hetken aikaa lilluttuani päädyin kylvyn jälkeen ammeen pohjalle myttyyn hengitysharjoituksia tekemään. Oksetti eikä pyörtyminen toden totta ole koskaan ollut lähempänä. Puolen tunnin pökertymisen välttelyn jälkeen sain itseni kammettua jalkeille.

Tuon epäonnisen yrityksen jälkeen tuli annettua kylpemiselle uusi mahdollisuus - hieman onnistuneemmin. Koska olen päättänyt oppia nauttimaan tuosta monien suosimasta puhdistautumisriitistä.

// This is the mood. Swinging music, fluttering skirts and shoes that scream for dancing. And embracing those balancing moments spent in peace and quiet - bathing and burning scented candles.

Never have I ever had a bathtub, so I've decided to take advantage of this opportunity and become a regular bather. This, however, still requires some practising. My first bath last week in an insanely hot water was followed by breathing exercises and trying to avoid fainting and vomiting. Half an hour later I was finally ready to get up and leave the bathroom with shaky legs and a dizzy head.

The second try yesterday turned out a whole lot better. Maybe there is a bather in me after all.

Playlist for the New Week

Long time no see. Music, that is. Therefore I find it more than appropriate to share a couple of songs from my current playlist. Hope they'll bring a spring in your step and make your booty swing.

Parov Stelar - Booty Swing

Bakermat - Games Continued

Parov Stelar - All Night

Mark Forster - Chöre

Parov Stelar - Clap Your Hands

Max Giesinger - Wenn Sie Tanzt

Last Night at the Opera

March 9, 2017

Vietin eilisen synttäri-illan oopperassa. Paikkana toimi Zurichin mielettömän kaunis 1800-luvun oopperatalo ja ohjelmassa oli Verdin Otello. Paras on kuitenkin vielä kertomatta.

Opiskelijat saavat nimittäin puoli tuntia ennen näytöksen alkua ostaa lippuja huokeaan hintaan. Paikkaa et tällöin pääse itse valitsemaan, vaan jäljellä olevat liput annetaan paremmuusjärjestyksessä. Innokas tunnin odotus kannatti. Ensimmäiselle (minulle) heltisi nimittäin loistopaikka, josta olisi saanut pulittaa 220 euroa. Maksoin siitä opiskelijakortilla alle 20 euroa.

Ei lainkaan hassumpi tapa nautiskella elämästä. Iltamyöhään (vai oliko jo yö) sateessa bussille loikkiessani hymyilytti ja laulatti. Vielä tänäänkin on ollut hymy herkässä ja mieli kepeä.

// I spent last night at the opera. The location? A gorgeous 19th century opera house of Zurich. The show of the month is Verdi's Otello, the music of which I was not too familiar with. However, Verdi is great so I suppose there are worse ways to spend the night. Especially with the amount of money I spent on the ticket.

Namely the students may purchase last minute tickets 30 minutes before shows - in case there are seats to be filled. You don't get to choose your seat, as the best ones are given on first-come first-served basis. Eager anticipation of an hour was rewarded, as I got to be that first-served. The first category seat that would've cost 220 euros I got for less than 20.

Swirling at night while waiting for the bus - in the rain - I couldn't stop smiling (or swirling). What a great time to be alive.

25 things that make me happy

March 8, 2017

It's my 25th birthday! Therefore, 25 things that give me joy. In no specific order - except for the first one. Oh, also taking advantage of this special status and thus uploading as many selfies as I please.

1. The obvious I wish was included to everyone's list: family and those few (even dearer) close friends.

2. Home. I've always been a homebody, thus enjoying the time I get to spend at home reading, drawing, organising, cooking, cleaning, singing opera and what not.

3. Travelling, travelling, travelling. Not every place is on my list, but the list is long enough with those dream spots included.

4. Nature. Last Saturday was beyond windy and stormy but I needed to fix my urge to get out there, so I ended up hiking up to Uetliberg, a hill where you get a panorama view of Zurich and the Alps.

5. Smiling people. I always thought Finnish people smile the least. Well, Swiss people get pretty close. I'm not going to get discouraged and will nevertheless keep sharing smiles, hoping to have a couple of them returned.

6. Food. People who don't enjoy eating (or cooking) are somewhat fishy. My favourite kitchens? Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern. Ok, and also mixed Asian dishes.

7. Books. People who don't read only live once. I couldn't agree more.

8. Art. Contemporary art I dislike, but really appreciate those 19th to 20th century masters. Magritte, Picasso, Klimt, Chagall, Kahlo, Monet, Dali, Van Gogh, Renoir...

9. Music. My taste has been altering (or should I say evolving) all my life but hey, that's life. This current phase, however, has lasted for quite some time now. Meaning genius composers like Hans Zimmer who create the scene for some of the most amazing movies. And opera I've loved since I was a kid. Fingers crossed I'll get to Verdi's opera T O D A Y.

10. Well... clothes. In my opinion clothes are - at their best - beautiful art. If I wasn't such a practical walker (and if I only had a limitless budget) you'd never again see me in jeans and boring ankle boots.

11. Sunshine. Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate all kinds of weather conditions. Yet, it's true what they say: Turn your face towards the sun and you'll always look lovely.

12. Rituals. Be they morning or evening, detoxing or retoxing. For me, certain daily habits bring more joy than I could ever explain.

13. Beautiful architecture. Harmonious or surprising colour combinations. Simply sleek or extravaganza. When it gets you, you can't help but feel it.

14. Spotting animals in their natural habitat. Be it squirrel, pheasant, fox or rhino.

15. Ceramics and hand-crafted decor. Colourful tiles and detailed vases - unique is the key.

16. Flowers. Any flowers anywhere. Wild flowers, bouquets, dried flowers. Ahhh, now I wish I had a bunch of lavender here. Actually I'm extending this to plants. Right now almost anything intensely green would do.

17. Soft fabrics. Cashmere, silk, linen, leather. Anything that feels like a hug.

18. Landscapes. Could be coast, meadow, forest, jungle or beach. And mountains, always mountains.

19. Helping others. I'm not a jealous type and a firm believer that if we help each other we'll all make it. Be it sharing the knowledge, opening doors or just something as simple as smiling. Sharing is caring.

20. Nostalgia. I'm the most nostalgic person I've ever come across with. Also, I'm not afraid of shedding a couple of tears whenever a (bitter)sweet memory comes to my mind. Public crying is not something to be afraid of.

21. Monkeying around slash embracing your inner child slash having a wild imagination. I hope I'll never ever loose this. It sure helps to be in love with someone who loves fooling around as much as you do.

22. Going to places - alone. It's completely different from being lonely to really love being by yourself and voluntarily do stuff on your own terms. Museums, restaurants, movies, travels - you're the boss.

23. Dim lights. I love the intimacy of a candle or dimmed lights. 

24. Silence. Occasional nature sounds I don't mind but I really (really, really) love the complete silence.

25. Deep conversations. Mindless chit chat I manage but it doesn't bring JOY. One on one intimate moments are what I live for.

PS. Happy Women's Day to all wonderful women in my life <3
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